Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It's Her Again

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

It's Me, Dilly is a delightful and late entry in the 'pretty girl in Hollywood' genre that came up regularly in comics and newspaper strips in the fifties. I guess one of the precursors would e the successful radio show and movie series My Friend Irma, although I guess there are more examples of ditzy blondes. Dilly, though, distinguishes itself because it's heroine is not dumb. At least not all the time. Conceived by Alfred Andriola and Mel Casson, but actually drawn by Andriola's Kerry Drake assistant Sururi Gumen. I have shown this strip before, but never so many dailies.

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Unknown said...

I just love this strip, wish they would make a book of it, as well as Long Sam. Thanks for running these!