Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Book Making

Monday Cartoon Day.

Some time ago I found a charming little cartoon series in The Berkshire Eagle in the early fifties. It seems to have been a weekly cartoon, around the subject of books. My friend Craig Yoe used to have a Facebook group called Library Porn and this would have suited there very well. As for the cartoonists, followers of this blog know I have seen a lot of cartoons and can place most artists in a certain circle. Here, I can recognize some (big names even from the middle tier group, like Shafer and Adams and Brown), but some are completely unfamiliar. There is no syndicate mentioned and no magazine here they could have been taken from (Saturday Literary Review, maybe?). It seems to have run for at least two years and I clearly did not get all of them. If they were hilariously funny, I would go back and find more. But I understand why I stopped here. It is nothing more than a curiosity. But a damn intriguing one.

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