Friday, November 24, 2017


Saturday Leftover Day.

Currently I am working on a Dutch language book about the Dutch comics weekly Eppo. It is the follow up to my (successful) book about the Dutch weekly Pep, which preceeded it. In it, I will also have to cover the period leading up to it, which includes yet another weekly called Sjors (in fact Sjors and Pep were put together to create Eppo). In the last year of Eppo they were experimenting a bit more. Sjors #40 from 1974 was changed into a kids horror special, using several of the regular artists. Jan van Haasteren was doing a lot of work for Pep and Sjors and would go on to create a new series for Eppo. Van Haasteren is a very funny artist, who went on to create a world wide succes with his puzzle work.

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Oscar Dowson said...

Don't understand a word of it, but that art is lovely. I would've loved this in my SCREAM-reading days.