Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Justice Will Bite You

Sunday Meskin Measures.

A couple of weeks ago I was selling the first half of my Prize crime comics on eBay and I showed the photos I made of the Mort Meskin splash pages (and two of the whole stories) here. Since then, most of them have been bought and I am ready to sell the second half. So again, here are the photos I took to go along with that. Again, these books contain some Meskin stories I was not able to show here, so I hope I am making amends by sharing the photos. This lot contains all of my 1953/55 book, which have the best work Meskin ever did for Prize. Maybe he was spurred on by his efforts to get hired by DC, but shaking off the heavy inking methods of George Roussos, he developed a new slick style that suits these stoies quite well. His characters all look like true criminals, as you can see for yourself below. I even found a couple of the earliest issues, including one with the first Meskin/Robinson sory for this title. At the end you see two stories by George Roussos, who had taken Meskin's cue and lightened his own style as well.

My name on eBay is geapelde and I hope you will have a look.

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