Monday, November 13, 2017

Not So Serious Art

Saturday Leftover Day.

Craig Yoe, my cowriter and editor on Behaving Madly, first came to my attention with his ARF series of books. Like the immense and eclectic collection in his home, these books are a mixed bag f intersting ilustrations, strips and comic book pages. One of the most interesting things he collected were the many samples of comic books and newspaper strip artists doing gags about modert art. Usually the point of the gag was that the artists were just throwing some paint unto the cnavas or that kids or even monkeys could do it just as well. An opinion that has remained til this day, even though the real modern art movement is almost 100 years old now. So whenever I am clipping and scanning and I come across one of the art related gags, I make a copy for Craig and send it to him. I have not kept them all in my own files, but her are some I could find.

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