Thursday, November 02, 2017

King Of The Roys

Thursday Story Strip Day.

People ask me: where do you get all those scans? Well, anytime you see one in color I scanned it myself from something probably bought on Ebay over the last 15 years. Every once in a while, the Ebay seller makes such good scans I don't even have to buy his strips. I think I showed a run of Smokey Bear that way once, and here is a set of Mike Roy's Nero Wolfe Sunday strips from the same conscientious seller. I am glad I didn;t have to buy them, because this strip is quite in demand and fetched a good price without me joining in. The later Sundays were pencilled by Mike Sekowsky but I don't think it shows yet in these samples (possibly only in the last one).

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Unknown said...

Thanks for Wolfe, Ger. A real treat. How ling did it run and was it connected to the possible tv series starring Shatner and Kurt Kasnar?