Wednesday, November 01, 2017

My Favorite Spoof

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Fearless Fosdick was one of the earliest comic strip imitations, done by Al Capp in his regular strip Li'l Abner. Fossdck was Abner's favorite hero and became so popular that he often had his own adventures. He also became the face of Wildroot hair tonic for a while, which gave him his own adventures outside of Abner. I don't thnk these have ever been proberly collected or even recorded. I wouldn't know how long they ran or when they began or even how involved Al Capp himself was with these - but they sure look perty.

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comicstripfan said...

Al Capp in an interview one time, in a very amused manner, recounted a story he had heard that when Chester Gould was asked how he felt about “Fearless Fosdick” as a satirical take on "Dick Tracy", responded to the effect that he (Gould) was proud of the fact he was the only famous cartoonist who had another famous cartoonist as a full-time press agent!