Tuesday, December 05, 2017

A Chappie, A Sappy and a Poppy

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Thimble Theatre and Popeye's daddy Elzie Segar started out doing Charlie Chaplin strips and I found a few.

Thimble Theatre itself wasn't too bad either before Popeye came on and stole the show.

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Richard Ranke said...

Thank you so much for the 1929 Thimble Theater Sunday pages. I've been waiting for them to show up ever since I saw the 1928 Thimble Theater Sundays here. Few people seem to know that although Popeye entered the daily strip in 1929, he wasn't in the Sunday pages until March,1930. Maybe one day I'll find more Thimble Theater from the early days. I've found a lot here already:-)