Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Everywhere You Look

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Some newspaper ads, most probably from the famous Johnstone and Cushing agency.

I normally don't scan stuff that is cut, but I think these late fifties Camels ads by Dik Browne are so nice and so rare, that I am sharing this one from the bak of another strip anyway. Note that it is from 1959, so well into Browne's run of Hi and Lois (daily and Sunday, while he was also doing a weekly strip for the Boy's Life comic section). Most have been a very well paying assignment.

Between 1940 and 1945 Camels were doing their famous celebrity assignment strips. After that, they diversivied. First they had Bob Buggs Sgt. Bilko ads and later the square ones by Dik Brown. But they didn't own the celebrity endorsement idea. They were all over popular culture, including newspaper comic strip ads. So these ones are for all the Peggy Lee and Fontaine sisters fans out there.

Just a seperate and rather bland one, which sems to me to be by Elmer Wexler.

And aother bland one, which is by an unexpected visitor at Johnstone and Cushing, signing NC. Comic book (and Batman) fans know this is Nick Cardy, who did a lot of work on J&C's comic book section in Boy's Life and later joined his fellow J&C regular Neal Adams at DC doing Batman and horror covers.

And finally a sample of what I call the Rosetta stone series of ads for the Smith Brothers black coughdrops. It showcases the same style as the Lipton Tea ads, which always seeed to me to be by Dik Browne and Gill Fox imitating the Harry Haenigson style. In the Smith Brotehrs ads you can see three styles, the first unsigned - which seems like the Lipton Tea ads, the second signed by Gill Fox - which is like the Lipton Tea style but slightly different and the third signed by Bill Williams - who took over a couple of Dik Browne's accounts when he left for Hi and Lois.

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