Thursday, December 07, 2017

Thursday Friday

Thursday Comic Book Day.

During this year I have been showing quite a large run of John Spranger and cartoonist Lariar's detective adventure strip Bodyguard, which later changed it's name to Ben Friday. Here are the last of the Ben Friday Sundays I have, but fear not. The series was continued as The Bantam Prince, whose character was already introduced in Ben Friday. He was replaced there by Carl Pfeuer on July 8 1951, but more on that when we get there. I am not completely sure where the name change occurred, because my Ben Fridays end here on October 8 and start with The Bantam Prince on October 29.

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comicstripfan said...

Ger: Appreciate your continued posting of this amazing strip - the more postings, the more people may pay attention. Since the corporate descendent of the New York Herald-Tribune syndicate appears to be King Features, someone with a relationship like IDW would be a natural candidate to do a formal reprinting, if enough strips could be found (e.g. I didn't think a relatively obscure though brilliant strip like Will Gould's "Red Barry" were possible to bring back but they did it).