Sunday, February 11, 2018


Sundy Kubert Creativity.

Haveing finished my run of Jerry Robinson's Alfred stories for Barnab Comics, I have decided to try and find woe of Joe Kubert's work from the late forties and early fifties. I like this period of his work, when he had moved away from DC and his earliest influences and before he returned to DC to further develope his style. He used heavy blacks in those days and you can still see the influece of Will Eisner, but his figures became more realistic. There is quite a lot of it, some of which has been reprinted. But not everything.

Today I am starting with the first of two Alabam stories he did for Cowpuncher. It still has his early style, similar to the work he did on Hawkman for DC (which partly made his fame). He has not yet proberly found his style, using the black ink to hide any flaws. The use of black backgrounds seems to hark back to Mort Meksin, who was a big influence on Kubert.

With it I have also reprinted a story by un unfamiliar artis called Jack Ross. It seemed familiar, looking like a DC artist who was using some of the same tricks as Mort Meskin. Turns out that Jack Ross is one of the pseudonyms for John Small(e). It's primitive work, but I alwasy like it for it's raw energy and uniqueness.

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