Monday, February 12, 2018

Hello, Mr. Wilson!

Monday Cartoon Day.

There are many interesting Wilons to collect if you are into cartooning. Gahan Wilson, the Playboy and National Lampoon artist, S. Clay Wilson, the underground cartoonist and Rowland Wilson, who rose to fame with his beautifully illustrated cartoons for Wsquire and Playboy and went on to become an important animation designer at Disney. The last Wilson started out at the Texas Ranger, the college magazine of the University of Texas in Austin. I came across some of his work from that magazine when it was reprinted in 1000 Jokes in 1952 - which was edited by another Texas Ranger Alumni, Bill Yates. His earliest work is funny but derivitive - although it sometimes shows the character humor that would later become his staple. In Esquire and Playboy, he was never one to go for the big gag. His forte was a sly remark accompanied with a beautiful llustration. Click on the link to see some of those.

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