Saturday, May 12, 2018

Calling Dr. Bald

Saturday Weekly Load.

For the last two years I have been selling my fifties comics on eBay, with quite some success. This summer I will start clearing out all the newspaper strips that I have used for this blog over the last ten years. I have scanned everything that I need and will still be able to do the blog, but all the paper needs to go sometimes, so why not now. To see how it would work, I have been trying out several methods of selling. Listing them as singles, as lots. At this moment I have a couple of lots on eBay, including a nice run of 1964/65 New York Journal-American six page sections, which include Blondie, Beetle Bailey, Ripley's, Juliet Jones, Snuffy Smith, They'll do it everytime, Ponytail, Scamp, Hi and Lois, The Phantom, Buz Sawyer, Disney's Treasury of Classic Tales: Mary Poppins/Those Calloways, Monkey's Uncle/Cinderella/Dumbo, Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon, Dr. Kildare, Popeye, Mr. Abernathy, Donald Duck, Bringing Up Father, Mickey Mouse, Steve Canyon, Let's Sew, Archie and Little Iodie. Some of which have appeared here (or will appear here) and some which are too popular and collected for me to use (but making the sections worth more, like Blondie or Archie or the Disney strips). It also has Ken Bald's Dr. Kildare, a forgotten strip by a golden age comic book artist who turned to newspaper strips with this doctor soapie and later became famous as the artist on Dark Shadows. Dr. Kildare is fully in the 'photorealistic' style and some of the figres and faces suggest to me that Bald either worked as an assitant to Stan Drake on The Heart of Julia Jones or used some of the same models for his photo references.

Added a couple more from the same run.

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