Sunday, May 06, 2018

Hey Posto!

Sunday Post Post.

Since once a week may be a a bit too little, I have decided to ad a regular Sunday to my new regular Saterday. And just like in the old day, I will be doing a series of interesting scans from a fogotten comic book series by a rather famous artist. Howie Post is best know by collectors for his work on the funny Harvey titles from the late fifties and sixties. In the seventies he did his onw nwspaper strip called Dropouts, many of which I have shown here as well. My interest in this facile and versatile artist lies in the fact that in the forties and fities he did a couple of series for Stan Lee at Timely, culminating in his contibution to Stan's Msad comic book imitations Crazy, Riot and Wild and in the Mad magazine imitation Snafu. Although Stan confessed to having written most of Snafu's three 62 page issues. Comic historians agree that this is not a false or overblown statement, he really did most of these books. Except the stories by Howie Post, who never worked from a script but wrote his own stoies while drawing. This write as you go along shows in his earliest comic book work for DC and Prize in the early to mid-forties. Anoteher favorite artist of mine, Walt Kelly wrote his comic book stories (first for Dell's Animal Comcs, later for Fairytales) the same way. And as we will see when I show you Howie Post's Presto Pete stories for DC's Animal Antics. It starts in a generic cartoon style, but after three or four issues Post suddenly decides to switch to Walt Kelly's style. And he does it so well, tat for many years people have assumed that Waly Kelly was involved in some of his work.

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