Sunday, October 28, 2018

No Smith Today

Sunday Saving the Day Post

I fell behind on the cleaning of my Sierra Smith stories by Alex Toth from DC's Dale Evans Comics. Instead here are five Mort Walker cartoons I found in the online archives of the Saturday Review of Literature. The Sat Rev was one of Mort's earliest buyers, with cartoons appearing from 1948. Since i am working with Mort's ledgers at this moment, I can safely say there should be at least three more, one an early sale (probably published in early 1949) and two later sales (which may appear as late as 1951). Since the interface of this unique resource is made for the articles (reviews) it is impossible to simple leaf through each issue. You have to separately download each page (or part of a page, if there are more articles). Still, with cartoons of this quality, it is worth looking for.

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very funny and great style.