Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hey, Look! Drawings!

Tuesday Comic Book Day.

With the coming of Facebook, there are many places now where people can share their favorite of rare comic book covers, strips and stories. It is one of the reasons I have stopped doing that here. But At least here it becomes part of a search able collection and you can make your own path through them. Take todays post, a single story from the only comic book that Flintstones character developer and comic strip artist Gene Hazelton did. It's called Kid Carrots and was published by St. Johns. Scott Shaw! told me that Hazelton was told into producing it by fellow cartoonist George Crenshaw, who was doing comic book work for St. John himself. He confessed to Crenshaw that he found it too much work and dropped out after one issue. And 'too much work' is precisely what you can say about it. As good as Hazelton was at designing characters and even designing the comic strips and Sunday pages he did for The Flintstones, this is just a crowded mess of attention getting drawing. Terrific drawing, though and one would wish he had stuck to it a little bit longer.

Anyway, this is one of the stories from that single comic. I may be adding more later. In the meantime, you can click the links for more of Hazelton, the Flintstones and his single panel effort from the late fifties, Angel Face. Bill Wray swapped me one of Hazelton's daily Flintstone originals and it is a proud possession, That man could draw.

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