Friday, February 15, 2019

A Real National Emergency

Several years ago I copied Hogan's Alley's article about Al Capp's WWII war bond strip Small Change. It was accompanied by a series of samples fron this strip from the collection of Denis Kitchen with one scan by myself. Today I am glad to repeat them with a four new new selfmade scans.

Later on the strip was recalled Small Change and a numbering was added.

My own scan is #21. The originals after that are numbered as well. The first few are from the collection at the University of Michicab, then there are a few from CoollinesArt (which apparently are still for sale) and some that were already sold by Heritage Auctions. If you woner, the going price for these is $400/500.


Allan Holtz said...

The latest I've ever seen printed is #68 (I think in the SF Chronicle, though that tearsheet doesn't actually say); has anyone seen later ones actually running in a newspaper?

Allan Holtz
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Being Human said...

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Ger Apeldoorn said...

I am currently selling my Small Fry/Change tearsheets on Ebay. Pleas contatc me if you are interested.