Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Ketcham Of The Day

Monday Cartoon Day.

I have not had time to go up and clean another Toth story, so here is a special little post to make up for it. I came across an online source for The American Legion a monthly family magazine from the forties, fifties (and apparently up till now) for verterans and their families. Like Collier's, The Saturday Evening Post and similar Sunday magazines made for the newspapers, they had a mix of stuff for the whole family. Important articles, short stories, regukar features and lots and lots of cartoons. They were part of what I call the 'midrange' magazines. The top consisted of magazines like The New Yorker, The Saturday Review of Literature and otehrs that paid so well, a cartoonist could live from the couple of cartoons they did every mont for them. The midrange magazines paid between $50 and $15 for a cartoon, so you had to sell more and possibly get an advertisment account as well. The bottom range paid even less and often had more saucy subjects. For my hobby of collection the cartoons of Mort Walker, I had already bought a lot of The American Legion for the years Mort Walker actually sold his work (1948/1952). Now I was able to go through them and find every Mort Walker cartoon... and much more. One of the best finds was all the Hank Ketchem cartoons in this magazine. Not as many as he did for The Saturday Evening Post, Collier's and True (most of which from the first two I showed here, because they are available online as well).

Hank Ketcham was one of the best cartoonists that ever worked the field. His character development shows his training at Disney and his characters are so well defined that I think a animation company could still develope a whole movie based on them. The resolution on these scans isn't very high, but better than some I have seen. I am starting with a Ketcham cartoon from an issue of Esquire that has an even lower resolution.

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