Saturday, February 23, 2019

Saint John's Day

Saturday Leftover Day.

The New York Herald Tribune is one of my favorite Sunday papers. They had a unique line-up of great strips and always published them in the three tier half page format - even well into the fifties, when it became more common to use three strips to a page instead of three. Last year I was able to photograph a set of 1953/1954 papers, with some of my favorites. But photo's are not as good as scans. Bog as they are, they are still only 72 dpi and the paper usually isn't flat. To see what I can salvage of that lot, I have tried to cleaan and correct one of the more impressive pages (The Saint, 1953-02-08) I photographed. I am only partly satisfied with the result, but the page itself is great.


jhegenbe said...

Pretty Nice!

comicstripfan said...

The incredible detail in the last panel is extraordinary!