Saturday, March 09, 2019


Saturday Leftover.

Now I know why I don't do this daily anymore. Looking for Mort Walker cartoons (as I always do) I went through two years of Collier's magazine (available nline). As was to be expected I came across a lot of other stuff as well. One omf my favorite cartoonists of the period was in almost every issue. And I found all the Mort Walker cartoons I was still looking for. BUt the biggest surprise was how often Hank etcham was in there. NOt as much as VIP, but a lot more then Mort Walker. Both Walker and Ketcham had sold a daily feature (Mort Walker started Beetle Bailey in 1950 and Hank Ketcham began Dennis the Menace at the same time). So neither would have had a lot of time to make (and sell) as many cartoons as they did in the years before that. From Mort Walker's ledger I know that he went on creating cartoons into 1952 ( only slowing down the amount somwhere in 1951). But it seems Ketcham worked even harder (or was more succesful selling them). Of course, some of the cartoons here could have been bough before he sold Dennis the Menace. There are a few kids gags, that he could have used for Denis as well. But he also did a lot of illustrations for Collier's columnists (some of which were obviously a lot of work). So it seems there was a lot of midnight oil burned. Enjoy this great stash of Ketcham work, showing above all what a tremendous artist he was. I guess I should go back and do the second half of 1952 and 1953 as well. Mort Walker had stopped selling to Collier's but Ketcham may have kept it up.

If you like these, you can also go an use the link on the right (or bottom) to find more. I have Ketcham cartoons goung back to the early forties.

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