Saturday, April 20, 2019

Observed With A Pencil

Saturday Leftover Day.

Modern generations like to prtend that they invented cartoon journalism, although we all know (as Joe Sacco probably does) that Harvey Kurtzman perfected the genre. When he did his cartoon reports in Esquire, The TV Guide and Help, he was probably inspired by Shel Silverstein's work at Playboy in the late fifties, but there had been precursors before him as well. One is a piece on Beauty Contests by hank Ketcham (which can be found on my blog, as well as all of Kurtzman's work). I am always happy to find others. Here is a two page piece by Michael Berry for The American Legion - more of a collection of gags than an actual journalistic piece, but he did go there and sketched his own impressions before boiling it down to this.

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Always a pleasure to read your blog. Many thanks.