Friday, April 19, 2019

When The West Was Livid

Friday Comic Strip Day.

I am slowly getting back to posting more regularely. Here is another set of Tumbleweeds from 1970.


Buzz Dixon said...

I loved this strip -- and I was lucky enough to write the only animated episode based on it that ever aired. In the late 1970s Filmation Studios approached TK Ryan with a proposal to do Tumbleweeds as part of their Fabulous Funnies show on NBC. Ryan told them he was interested but wanted to see a storyboard before committing to the project. Somehow this was interpreted as him okaying Tumbleweeds for animation, and I wrote a couple of scripts for the studio, two of which were animated and in the can when the show premiered.

Unfortunately, Ryan's lawyer contacted us the Monday after the show premiered and wondered why we never bothered to get a contract with him...

Tumbleweeds was quickly excised from the show, its first and only appearance being a segment of the premiere episode

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Wow, great to know!