Monday, November 25, 2019

Going For A Song

Monday Never Before Day.

One of the reasons I like the comic strip from the late fiftes and early sixties is the fact that any sort of crazy new things were started - including using talent out the the normal talnt pool. That's how characters like Al Jaffee, Arnold Roth, Virgil Partch, Stan Lee, joe Maneely, Dan DeCarlo, Jack Cole, Bob Powell, and many others from the comic book and New York cartoon scene were being considered when only five year before that they never would have.

One of the oddest of them all was the brainchild of illustrator Marvin Friedman and songwriter Marlon Abeson. They are known for little else and this may have been their only collaboration, but it lasted over two years as a Sunday only strip. Well, not actually a strip, more of an illustrated children's story that always ended with an especially written song. Over the years I scanned them here and there and these are the ones I have for the first year or so.

No that I have added the rest of the scans in my collection, you can also see hove the strip progressed through the years. The style gets more cartony as the artist gets more experienced and the format gets looser.


Mike Kazaleh said...

On the strip dated 4/17/60, Howard Beckerman takes over the drawing chores.


Ger Apeldoorn said...

That's pretty amazing! How did you know that?

Also, how cool is it to have Mike Kazaleh visit your blog?