Saturday, November 30, 2019

Panels For Camels

Saturday Leftover Day.

These scans aren't leftovers at all. I made them yesterday, but I was eager to share them. Over the years I have shown many samples of Dik Browne's work for the Johnstone & Cushing agency. Steven Brower has a book out about that period of comic advertising from Fantagraphics and I hope he will have a lot more of information. One of the best series Browne did, was later in his career at J&C. Maybe even when he was already enlisted as the artist of Mort Walker's Hi and Lois. These fully rendered panel gags showcase his advertising style at their best, while also forshadowing how he would grow in the sixties.

This was not the only comic strip series Camels did.

I have shown this Lipton ad before, part of a series I suspect Browne did with Gill Fox as an inker, imitating Haenigsen's Penny. Recently I found out that Haenigson himself worked at Johnstone and Cuching as well and was a huge influence on Browne's earlier work there. So there may even have been an actual connection. I plan to do an article about that soon. But the main reason I am showing it here, is because I saw that it introduces the Terrible Twins, who were completely the same as The Trouble Twins Browne created for Vaseline only slightly later.

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