Sunday, June 14, 2020

Does A Bear Type In The Woods?

Sunday I've Got More Day.

It will be no surprise to regulars of this blog that I have a thing for Virgil Partch (VIP). I particulary like his earlier style and it was never more on dsplay than in the illustrations he did for Arthur "Bugs" Bear's column in King Features' Pictorial Review (a sort of illustrated column magazine section for newspapers). I have shown more of these before (some of them even from my own scans). These are fom an online source, but they are quite large, so I can blow them up and read the text as well. I am not quite sure if you can. I expect that Blogger will be downsizing them. If anything is due for a reprint of these, although I am not quite sure how much of the text should be reproduced. Maybe it could be edited so the illustrations still make sense.


comicstripfan said...

Thanks for these. VIP’s drawings and Baer’s texts are quite clear. Baer apparently was a cartoonist himself in the ‘20’s and ‘30’s who became noted in later years for his newspaper “quips” that influenced comedians like Milton Berle.

Jeff Nelson said...

I also like the Otto Soglow illos for the "That's Washington!" feature which also ran in the Pictorial Review, all the way until the late 1920s

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Jeff, I did a couple of those earlier if you follow the links. As well as the Dear Dollink pages by Milt Gross. If you have any I don't have, please contact me.