Saturday, June 13, 2020

FanBoys Unite!

Saturday Leftover Day.

Recently I came across these two Bob Powell stories in an issue of Standard's Nightmare. I's a title I mostly know for having a couple of Joe Kubert covers. Like other Standard titles of that period it has art by people such as Alex Toth and George Tuska, but there are lots of other artists as well. Powell was always great on horror stores, expecially suited for weird stuff (which you can see very well on his work for Harvey - both with Howard Nostrand (at the start) as well as solo (later). These two stories here, show how much debt he owed to Will Eisner. Like Eisner (for whom he worked during the war), he tries to avid using normal panel borders. But by doing horror stories, he builds on that in a masterful way. For me, these stories (and a couple more like it) represent the best work of an artist who was never less than very good. Except maybe when inking Jack Kirby in the sixties, which gave him a bad name - but who cares except superhero fanboys?

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