Saturday, August 01, 2020

Angel The Jangel

Saturday Leftover Day.

Some time ago I shared the first and the last months of Gene Hazelton's rare Angel Face daily panel which ran from late 1953 to early 1954. Hazelton is a much admired artist and designer, who is probably best known for his work as the primary designer of The Flintstones as well as long runs as the artist on the Flintstones Sunday strip. In 1953 he started a Dennis the Menace style daily gag panel about a troublesome little girl, called Angel Face. The look and feel was very similar to Hank Ketcham's Dennis, but if you look closely you'll see he never imitates his style. It is a beautifully designed panel, though. Just as Dennis the Menace was. Recetly I came across another source, which allows me to fill in most of the issing months. I am starting with January, but there is more. I know that there are a lot of cartoonists whom I doing a favor. Please leave a message if you want me to get the rest.


Jeff Nelson said...

These are charming and delightful - as ever, your blog is a highly educational experience for me. I'm no cartoonist, but I would be happy to see more of these.


All Gene Hazelton's works are very well received, he was a great artist, his work at FLINTSTONES and YOGI BEAR is great.
Thank you very much for keeping your blog so active and interesting.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Jeff, you can follow the link for more from the first two and last month. I think I still have February to go.

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