Sunday, August 16, 2020

Hacked Out

 Sunday Surprise Day.

Yesterday I shared a photo of the promotional poster of David Gantz' newspaper stripproposal Moxie I took on my visit to the Billy Ireland Museum in Columbia, Ohio. While there, I also took pictures of this rare cartoon series by Arnold Roth, one of the great satirits of the sixties and seventies (and still with us, as far as I know). If anyone knows where it ran, please tell me.

In the same folder, there was also a small note from Arnold Roth to his agent, with a rare self portrait.

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Jeff Nelson said...

Yet another wonderful rarity you have presented to my incredulous eyes!

Here is a link to an old article, which tells us that 'Downtown' was an unsuccessful attempt by Roth to create a syndicated strip in 1979. Which begs a question I have raised elsewhere: WHAT IS WRONG WITH EDITORS AT NEWSPAPERS AND SYNDICATES? So many instances of unquestioned cartoon geniuses who were unable to sell strips, or only had very short lived strips with very few clients. Kurtzman. Charles Adddams. Gahan Wilson. Don Martin. Alas.

The article also tells us that much of what was created of 'Downtown' was posted some years ago at Roth's website Alas again - the website is dead. Also, links to it on Roth's facebook and instagram pages are dead.

But a ray of hope, however: by delving into the wayback machine at, I have unearthed a handful of the strips, and hope to find the remainder. Once again I thank you for leading me to still another trove of unknown treasures, sir.