Saturday, August 15, 2020


Saturday Leftover Day. 

 Due to a heatwave I have not been able to go upstirs and prepare some new scans. I did come across these original color guides to David Gantz's Moxie. Moxie was a failed proposal for a Pogolike strip in the early sixties, probably just before he sold Dudley D. (which you can see if you follow the link in the wordcloud). Moxie was featured in the short run Family Comics fake newspaper comics section that ran for only eleven weeks as a give-away for a Californian supermarket chain (again, a full sample is shown behind a link). I don't know if that was before or after the newspaper proposal (which actually made it to a complete syndicate offering) or if he was still developing it. Some of the strips in Family Comics look aas if they were failed proposals (by top talents, by the way). The syndicate offering is at the Billy Ireland Museum at Ohio State University and consists of a complete first daily storyline as well as a couple of promotional posters and ads. I have shown some of those earlier (again, follow the link in the word cloud). I like Pogo imitations almost as much as I like Pogo, and this one is a lot of fun.


Here is a photo I took of the promotional poster: 


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