Saturday, September 05, 2020

The Dark Side of the Loon

 Saturday Leftover Day.

I was away for a week, but I am back to resume my regular rythm of one post with new stuff and one with additional material of something I wrote about before per week (posted Saturdays and Sundays).

Today a four page article from a 1949 issue of True magazine. Going through all of my True issues, I I came across this large article about master cartoonist Charles Addams and his then wife. If you have read his biography, yiu will know that theirs was not a completely happy union. In fact, she tried to do everything to increase his production (and income). At one point she even sold a weekly 'syndicated' cartoon made up of his rejects. I showed some of those in an earlier post. Here everything is still great. 

The article includes a couple of cartoons and I have added one more from True - the only one in my sizable collection.


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