Sunday, September 06, 2020

Literary Humor

 Sunday Surprise Day.

I have shown some daily and black and white samples of the odd PIXies feature featuring animated letters. Here are a couple of Sunday color versions I came across. Just a bit of fun, I'd say. Here is what Labiek's Comiclopedia says about Wohl:

Jack Wohl was the author of the experimental and unique newspaper comic 'Pixies' (1966-1987). The strip featured no actual characters, only numbers, letters and common everyday objects. This unusual strip started as a daily in the Des Moines Register in May 1966. There was also a short-lived Sunday page, but the daily feature lasted until December 1987. In addition, Wohl made the more conventional strip 'Versus' for King Features from October 1969 to April 1973. His assistant on 'Versus' was Mel Crawford.

To illustrate their entry they seem to be using on eof my earlier color scans, but I can't find it here.


Unknown said...

Is the writer of the PIXies cartoons the same or a different Jack Wohl than the writer/producer Jack Wohl?

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I always thought so, but I have no concrete proof.

Unknown said...

Thanks Ger.