Friday, October 02, 2020

And Still They Come...

 Saturday Leftover Day.

For those of you who have come to see the saily Laff-A-Day cartoons of the late forties I have shown the last two saturdays, here are some more (with even more to come). Be warned, these are taken from an online microfiche source, so the scans themselves (or the size) are not what I would strfe for when doing it myself. But then again, it did give me acces to a pretty much complete run which gives you a nice overview of who were the regulars in that period. In this year particulary, we see some previously unreprinted cartoons by Hank Ketcham and Mort Walker. Some of the big names are absent. Apparently the King Features editor was not a fan of Virgil Partch - or maybe he did not submit, as he was already doing one cartoon a week for the rival daily series Crack-Up.

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