Sunday, October 04, 2020

Jack Jack

Sunday Surprise Day. A double surprise today, since I have not only prepared a rare Jack Davis strip for you, but I have also scanned and cleaned a couple more Sesame Street Sundays an dadded them to last weeks post. Have a look once you are done with this. Mad, movieposter and EC favorite Jack Davis did a lot of work druing and inbetween his most famous jobs. Some of those you will find in my book Behaving Madly, which is shown to the right. If you buy it through this link I will get an extra 3 cents or so. And hurry, I am told it is almost sold out. It has several Jack Davis contribution from the Mad magazine imitations of the late fifties, where he was a frequent traveler. Most of the time he was allowed to do his own thing, that's how glad they were to even have him. Most collectors will know Jack Davis also did two issues of his own Mad imitation in comic book format for Dell. Yak-Yak was filled with gags and parodies, even some formats ripped of from his work on Harvey Kurtzman's Humbug. I have the idea that most which was not wrtten by Davis himself was by Jack Mendelsohn, but I have forgotten where I read that. I am sure that you can find some of those stories online and I will upload my own scans to the Digital Comicbok Database as soon as I am done scanning of of the Mad comci book imitatons to sell them on Ebay. But there was one more story for Dell, most collectors are not aware of. For a long time it was thought to be some sort of inventory material from Yak-Yak. But now that I finally have a copy of The Modniks #2 with the Jack Davis filler story, I am doubtful. It seems slightly later in style and the humor isn't as sharp as the stuff he did for Yak-Yak. Anyway, it has Davis effortless humor and I am sure you will appreciate it.

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