Sunday, April 11, 2021


 Sunday Surprise Day.

Looking for the first Boner's Ark strips (see below) I came across a carton series by one of the most prolific cartoonists of his period (which roughly covers the forties to the sixties). Reamer Keller may not have been the best selling cartoonist, but he certainly sold to the widest range of magazines. From classics such as Gags ad 1000 Jokes to the more down market Humorama series and other gag digests, he appears in any gag carrying magazine or compendium up until the late sixties, when all but the most course did disappear. He also has his own irregular Sunday page full of cartoons in the New York Sunday News. It first appeared in the late forties or early fifties and reappeared in the sixties, always on an irregular basis. I am not quite sure if it was syndicated, or left with the News to use at their own discretion (like the half page fillers by various artists they had). So apprently, like many of his collegues, at the end of his career he had a gag cartoon series that was syndicated. Others like that were Jerry Marcus' Trudy, Virgil Partch's Big George, Dave Gerard's Citizen Smith and of course Brad Anderson's Marmaduke. 

Medicare ran from April 1955 to late 1973. I had a hard time to establish and end date, because it seems to have tapered out. The only source I had for it, published less and less of it towards the end. As if they spread out whatever they had. Still, they all have a hand-lettered date so maybe  they just bought the last ones but hardly ever used it. Anyway, the hospital closed it's doors in November 1973.

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