Friday, April 16, 2021

Boy Oh Boy

Saturday Leftover Day. 

 I have shared many pages from the scouting magazine Boy's Life. Some using my own scans, some from the complete run that can be found online. The comic section (and many of the other illustration features) of this oversized magazine were supplied via the Johstone and Cushing agency, at least until it folded around 1962. For some reason I have these two pages left over in my folder for this blog. It seems I haven't yet show them, although they are lovely. The art can only be by Creig Flessel, but I am not sure.

 I have quite a selection if Boy's Life issues, which I will be selling on Ebay shortly. Postage is always an issue for magazines of this size, but I will try and group them together in such a way that the buyer gets the least postage per issue. Anyway, you can find my Ebay page using the link on the right hand side. I always start low and it will help me buy more stuff to show here...

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