Sunday, April 18, 2021

Starting From Scratch

Sunday Surprise Day.

I think I can trace back my love of Lou Fine's work to the first time I saw his sixties detective strip Peter Scratch in the Minnomannee Falls Gazette. I came across a couple of issues of that great oversized magazine reprinting the best of newspaper comics from the then present (the seventies) and the past. Every strip in there was reprinted six dailies (one week) to a page, gving me a chance te discover strips such as Scratch, Ben Casey by Neal Admas and The Seekers by JohnBurns. I went back and bought whatever I could find, although I never got all of them. So in the end I never got to fully enjoy the almost wto year tun of Peter Scratch, although I id get my hands on a set of Sundays (which I shared on this blog - follow the link to see them).

So when I came across a full run of Peter Scratch on my michofiche site, I was temped to pull hem all and share them here. But the work involved makes it something that will not happen overnight. So here are the first adn the last week. The last week is sadly reproduced quite badly. But maybe it is an incentive for someome to do a complete one book reprinting.



Stefan said...

I have Peter Scratch compiled in its entirety in the comic strip appreciation group. Yes, towards the end clean sources are hard to find. Love his work on Adam Ames.

Kevin Burton Smith said...

What? Where's this Comic Strip Appreciation Group? I've been dying to read this strip for about ever. Is there an URL?

Ger Apeldoorn said...

On Facebook.

Kevin Burton Smith said...

Thanks. Found it! And if you want to see my page on Peter Scratch, here's the URL: