Saturday, April 24, 2021

It's That Woman Again

Saturday Leftover Day.

In Dutch we have a terrific word, 'bijvangst'. I just checked and saw it exists in English as well, although I have never seen it used metaphorically, the way it is over here. 'Bijvangst' (or 'bycatch') is a term from the fishing industry, meaning all of the stuff fishermen catch in their nets while they were dregging up something else.

I have been downloading and clipping some stuff for future use. Today's presentation is the 'bycatch' of that fishing trip. I have always like Alfred Andriola and Mel Casson's It's Me, Dilly. A silly strip about a young model type girl in the big city, it was actually drawn by Andriola's regular artist on his other strip Kerry Drake, Sururi Gumen. It is actually a better concept for Sururi's art style, a bit more sexy and a bit more funny than Kerry Drake ever was. The light and urban jokes of Mel Casson help a lot, too.

Although the quality of these Microfiche scan is not always the best, here is most of October 1957, one of the first years (possibly the first) of this short running strip. After that six I scanned myself from some clippings and worked on to make them better, and then a whole bunch I did earlier from 1958 and 1959.

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Stefan said...

It's a fine strip. Funny and enjoyable. I have two years compiled in the comic strip appreciation group.