Thursday, September 23, 2010

Preserving the past one daily at the time

Thursday Story Strip Day

Here's a post I have been waiting to do for some weeks. It's the next installment in my complete presentation of the Bat Masterson newspaper strip. This installment gives me the opportunity to share two of my own Sunday scans (by Howard Nostrand). It also features the shift from Nostrand to Powell. It seems to me, the shift was not gradual, but (as I suggested earlier) a clean break at the start of a new story. I don't know what was going on with the Sundays, but the two I can show here, clearly indicate that there was a seperate storyline for the Sundays. So Nostrand may have finished that as well. A much later one I have is by Powell (although the header still says Nostrand on that on, but newspapers are always late to aknowledge a change in personnel). What's remarkable to me, is the fact that the first week of Powell at least, Nostrand still signs the strip. Or Powell has learned to sign in Nostrand's name. I wonder what the deal was between these two former studio mates.

I am very sorry about the poor quality of these scans, but I was glad to get even these. Maybe at some point someone will do a complete book from a nice run... if any are still out there.

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