Friday, June 10, 2011

The Good, the Sublime and the Horrific.

Friday Comic Book Day.

Today's post is more of a come on for all Mort Meskin fans to go over to the Yahoo Mort Meskin group, join and download the updated Mort Meskin checklist by Steven Brower. He intented to include it with his Mort Meskin book from Fantagraphics and if you haven't got that yet, shame on you. A nicer collection of rare, original and impressive art you never saw, together with an exhasutive biography and all sort of facts and artifacts provided by the family. All that in a superbly designed package. No wonder Steven won a design price for it. He can do my books anytime! Steven's new and updated list had a coupe of Meskin stories I have missed, so I went out and got some of them as soon as I could. This is a rare Meskin horror story from an early issue of Frankenstein.

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Steven Brower said...

Thanks for the very kind word, Ger. Although I would love to have all your followers join the Meskin Yahoo Group, if they aren'y so inclined we will make the checklist available soon on the Meskin website:

And I am exploring an inexpensive POD version as well.

Keep up the great work!