Friday, September 09, 2011

Foley Artist

Friday Comic Book Day.

In my unending quest to showcase the magnificent work Joe Kubert did before he became known for his war stories at DC, I already mentioned Foley of the Fighting Fifth. These stories started in All American Western #103 and although the series lasted until #124, Joe KUbert did only about ten of them. The later ones were by Frank Giacoia, no slouch either. Inbetween Carmine Infantino did some of them, but I think the later ones I am showing here are by Giacoia. I don;t think there is enough pages to fill a proper Showcase book, but I certainly would buy it. All American Western is better know (and pricey) for the Alex Toth stories and covers in the first fifteen or so issues, but to me the work of Kubert was another highpoint.

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