Sunday, September 25, 2011


Sunday Meskin Measures.

Today's Vigilante is a bit lighter than the previous few. I suspect much of that is due to the colorist, but it does have less of the stark black and white chiascuro effects. As such, it leans more towards Meskin's work in the fifties. I a also curious if he researched the horses and bulls in this story. Meskin was notorious for not researching stuff like guns (and probably cars) but the animal are turned out quite well, here. And lastly, is it me or is Short Stuff clinging to his partners back more whistfully than he used to here?


Frank M. Young said...

I wonder if this story is really drawn by Meskin--the artwork has the crudeness and sloppiness of his partner, George Roussos. Roussos' drawing abilities really slipped in the late 1940s. His work for EC and elsewhere, in the 1950s, is really poor in my opinion. Ditto for his brutal inking of Jack Kirby (as "George Bell") for '60s Marvel.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Have you een the stuff he did for GE? That went the other way, getting better every year! Odd, huh? I think Roussos sometimes did what Meskin seems to have done here - draw in ink. But you are right, this story seems different somehow.

Daniel [] said...

I'd use the word “uncharitable” before “brutal” in describing Roussos's inking of Kirby. I think that Roussos was not refining the pencilling as much as he might have, but I don't think that he was making it cruder (as did Coletta). If one looks at the results of Roussos's inking of other artists in that same general interval, the results are significantly more polished.