Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Dusting Rusty

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Today I had one new color scan of the Rusty & Dusty ad series, which ran all through the late forties and early fifties. The artist is probably Elmer Wxler accroding to some sources. You never know with these unsigned Johnstone and Cushing ads, but they seem to have been done by one artist in a consistant style. I took the occasion to collect all my Rusty and Dusty ads and date them properly.

Feb 13 1949:

April 10 1949:

July 24 1949:

Sept 11 1949:

Nov 13 1949:

March 12 1950:

Date unknown 1950:

Sept 29 1951:

Feb 17 1952:

March 17 1952:

April 13 1952:

Sept 7 1952:

Oct 5 1952:

Nov 2 1952:

Date unknown 1952:

June 7 1953:

July 7 1953:

Undated, possibly 1953:

Jan 17 1954:

Aug 8 1954:

Nov 11 1954:

Jan 30 1955:

Jan 31 1955:

Feb 27 1955:

March 27 1955:

May 22 1955:

July 10 1955:

Oct 9 1955:

June 3 1956:

Aug 16 1956:


Smurfswacker said...

Any idea when the R&D I posted a couple of years ago

appeared? I gather it was circa 1953 since the book in which it appeared was dated 1954. I still feel Mike Sekowsky was involved in it, though I don't see any sign of him in your clippings.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I have aded your scan to my set... no idea on the date, atjough it is fun to see yet another clown,like the one Wexler drew inthe only signed ad of his I have posted somewhere earlier. I have a pretty good eye for Mike Sekowsky and if I saw any trace of his style I could probably tell you what year it was drawn - but I see none here. What element in particular looks like his work to you?

rodineisilveira said...

Vaseline (known here in Brazil, Latin America and Europe as Vasenol) was produced by Pond's (which was bought years after by Unilever [which produces the products from this brand until nowadays]).

Smurfswacker said...

The two things that make me think Sekowsky are the body design and pose of the cave man in panel two, and most of all the panel in which our hero socks the clown. The way the fold on the guy's coat back forms a single curve with his sleeve and wrist is so Sekowsky-like. As are the flying stars and sound effects. Of course I'm probably all wet. However similar poses in other strips just don't look the same.