Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fast and Curious

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Two freshly scanned Mort Meskin storie from his early Prize period. The Headline story is the earliest, dating from late 1950. The Justice Traps the Guilty sotry is aboit six of eight stories onward. At that point Meskin was in full swing and contributed one or two stories to every issue of Headline ad JTTG, as well as other Prize books. On these two stories, he seems to have been helpen by George Roussos, whose heavy shadows are visible here and there. Meskin was quickly developing a not particulary pretty but very effective storytelling style. His 'horror' stories were often more worke through and his romance stories prettier. He seems to have gone for a fast and punchy style on the crime books, where the total effect was more important than the detais. Look at the fingers in the firt panel of the last page of the Headline story, for instance... why drae them like that unless it helps the flow of the panel?

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