Saturday, August 31, 2013

Something Andru Drew

Did you know Ross Andry drew for Romantic Hearts in 1953? I didn't now Ross andru drew for Romantic Hearts in 1953. But apparently Ross Andru drew for Romantic Hearts in 1953. This obscure romance comic was published by the small company called Story and/or Master. They only had three other titles, all in the horror genre. Romantic Hearts was published in two volumes, one in 1951/52 with lots of art by people such as Hy Fleischman (mostly know for his horror and Mad imitation work) and even a piece by later science fiction writer Harry Harrison (with inks by later Dick ayers collaborator Ernie Bache). Since some of the horror stories Fleischman did (and some of the Mad imitation stuff he did as well) were written by Harrison, it is possible he was involved in this book too. The second run of this title has some very stylisch work by Bob Goldfarb. And two stories by Ross Andru, apparently.


Mark Mayerson said...

Strong Toth influence there.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Maybe not as much as in some of the war stories he drew for Standard while Toth was there. At that point, Andru, Sekowski and even Nick Cardy all,turned into Toth clones.

What occurred to me was how much Andrun seems to have been influenced by his then only just former night school teacher Jerry Robinson to use the vertical half page splah. Fot a long time in the fifties this was Andru's signature storytelling trait. And then I saw Robinson used it frequently as well.