Sunday, September 01, 2013

Paper Trail

Saturday Leftover Day.

My interest in the work of Mort Meskin led me to Jerry Robinson, who worked with Meskin in the late forties. He is a much less defined artist, who changed his style several times during his career. But having been there as Bob Kane's first assistant (where he claimed to have created the Joker), teaching evening classes in the late forties and early fifties which were attended bby such diverse talents as Steve Ditko, Ross Andru and Marie Severin, being years ahead of everyone stylisticly in the early crime books of Stan Lee and Martin Goodman's Timely (Atlas) company, doing a newspaper strip of his own called Jet Scott, etc etc does make him a formidable figure in the history of american comics. And that was just the start of it. Here we have a solo story he did for Prize's All-New comics, where we may possibly see a glimpse of his personal style before he met Mort Meskin. In the same issue we see some early work by Joe KUbert, who was of course heavily influenced by... Mort Meskin.

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