Sunday, September 01, 2013

Prize Collection

Sunday Mort Meskin Day.

Mort Mesin never did a lot of horro stories. His work on Strange World of Your Dreams is more psychological than horrific. And even the few stories he did for Simon and Kirby's Black Magic hardly fit the bill. In 1953 and 1953 he did a couple of extra horror stories for the late issues of Dick Briefer's Frankenstein title. Still more psychological, they are among the most succesful and best drawn horror stories he did. In a style very similar to his best work for DC, he gave them his best and they look not nearly as rushed as some of the other stuff he was doing for Prize at that time. I have shown some of these, but here are some more. In total he did about eight of these. I am not completely sure because to my surprise #22 had not one but two...

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